Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jordin Sparks Concert

Last night I saw Jordin Sparks in concert for roughly the 4th time, which is a little crazy if you ask me. But it was kind of an accident, seeing her so many times, but a happy accident for sure. I saw her at a Christmas show in MN where they had a big group of artists performing. She opened for Alicia Keys in MN, along with Ne-Yo and she co-headlined a tour with Jesse McCartney. This was my first time seeing a strictly Jordin Sparks concert though. I thought it was going to be hard to top the last time I saw her since Drew and I were in the 2nd row and she was AMAZING, but I was even MORE impressed with that girl's skills this time around! First of all, she truly does have an amazing voice and she made it seem so effortless. Second of all, she is SO beautiful. She's like a mini-beyonce. She looked FIERCE! Last time I saw her she was cute (left) now she is like BAM, move over Beyonce (am I right or am I right?!)
 Anyhow, back to the music, most of the songs she played were off of her new CD Battlefield (which I am in love with). She rocked it out with some dance moves on "Walking on Snow" and even sang a song from the broadway play she is staring after she finishes her tour (Orlando was the first show she sang the song at, lucky us!).

My favorite song off of her new CD, for many reasons, has to be "It Takes More". Listen and enjoy:

The concert was made even more fun by the fact that I literally made friends with every person around me. Behind me was 2 girls on the International college program who I ended up giving a ride home. To my right was a mom with her daughters from Wisconsin and in town for a volleyball tournament. We bonded over our Midwestern roots and I let her in on a few Disney secrets. In front-left were 2 brand new College Program boys, one of which almost fainted when Jordin waved at him. I liked him because he told me I looked like the lead chick from Glee (not true, but a compliment none the less lol) To my front-right was a couple from Lake City who looked like college program kids but in fact were just locals. I always enjoy getting to know people at shows, it's almost inevitable when you're in tight quarters for several hours, but never have I met a nicer group of people! I would have them over for lunch if that wouldn't be really awkward lol All in all, it was a great night and for the first time in 7 months, I felt like I had back of piece of what was missing. It's amazing to me the effect live music has on me. It's like a drug with no downside lol. Lucky for me, I won't have to go another 7 months without another concert. White Tie Affair is on the horizon again, along with American Idol and The Script and let's not forget Hanson is playing 2 nights at Epcot in November!!!

Last but not least, check out her performance of Battlefield from last night. She TOTALLY got the crowd pumped right from the get-go: