Thursday, August 12, 2010

American Idol Tour 2010

We wanted to be early and beat the traffic on I-4 to Tampa, but never did we think that arriving several hours early would land us here:
We were just pulling into the parking lot and I spotted the amazingness that is Casey James from a mile away! We parked and literally ran across the street for the chance to say hi to these fellas. The first guy I talked to was Tim Urban. I was on a mission because my friend Garrett is in love with Tim and I promised Garrett I would ask Tim if he remembered meeting him at the Idol stop in New York. There weren't a lot of fans out and it was pretty chill, so when Tim said he DID remember meeting Garrett, I went "wow, I can't wait to tell him, he's going to be so happy!". Then, after a moment of brilliance, I thought aloud "Tim, will you tell Garrett yourself that you remember him?" and Tim said sure! So I grab my phone, and while I'm waiting for Garrett to answer, Emily snapped this pic below (I am such a multi-tasker):

Tim was the nicest Idol out of all the ones we talked to. And he has that star quality moreso than any of the others in my opinion (even Lee). But anyhow, here is the adorable Tim chatting up Garrett on my phone:
Emily and I were also lucky to meet Idols Big Mike and Aaron Kelly. It was a fun and unexpected occurrence!

The concert itself was so much fun! Our seats were unbelievable, we were in front of the first row lol it made it 100 times better being so close. I recorded my favorite tunes from the night:

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  1. You are so cool. I'm jealous of your life in the limelight!!! :)