Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sara Bareilles Concert

My friend, Becca, and I decided to be hard core about the Sara Bareilles concert so we could be RIGHT UP FRONT, and we succeeded! We were both so excited to see Sara perform, we didn't want to be smushed in the back! She put on such an amazing show. Not only is she talented in terms of singing and piano playing, she is also HILARIOUS.

This is probably my favorite photo of mine from the night. Now, keep in mind, I know NOTHING about photography, but I do know the difference between good lighting and bad, and I loooove the lighting in this photo. 

This was my fave video from the night, in the beginning she was talking about how she wrote this song about a relationship she thought was over and done forever and how it made her crazy but then it ended up being okay, it was pretty funny.

Also, sad to report, this is the last concert my trusty little camera was able to capture before it met its demise when it collided with the hard wood floors of the House of Blues. This was it's last photo, I am glad it went down in style. RIP Pink Camera (May 2008-Oct 12th, 2010)

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