Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 2nd Script Concert

Unlike Mother Goose, I am going to jump right to the moral of the story here because it's just that important that you all understand that The Script is amazing and you should all see them live at one point.

The Script is so under appreciated it makes me sick. They are amazing, and everyone at House of Blues last night knew it. But in my opinion, they should be much bigger venues than the House of Blues. The people in Ireland and England know better because over there, The Script sells out huge arenas in less than an hour, but some Americans (not me, obviously) take a little longer to catch on to the greatness that is THE SCRIPT! 

They played new songs last night that are on their Album "Science and Faith" which has, so far, only been released overseas. I am in LOOOOOVE with this song of theirs called "Nothing" which is about drunk dialing, no lie:

Sadly, I wish I would have thought to go see if they were selling their new CD at their merch table last night, but I didn't. Anyhow, moving onto the positives. This photo. I really wish I could make a career out of taking photos and videos of concerts. Because I think that is my dream job. He was just really beside himself with how everyone knew every word to the song he was singing that he just sat and soaked it all in, adorable.

Danny is also the only artist I've ever seen actually get IN the crowd at the House of Blues. Seriously, he interacted with the crowd more than anyone and I have seen A LOT of concerts. He did the same sort of intractions when I saw them in Minnesota just over a year ago, but that was a smaller venue. On multiple occasions he jumped down from the stage into the small space between the crowd barrier and the stage and at one point, he even went over the barracade and into the crowd. And the crowd went nuts, and I got pushed, and the following photo happened. Then I regained my footing, and the bottom picture was made possible. =)
Go me.

Another exciting moment of the concert....I realized I can zoom in and out WHILE IN VIDEO MODE!! I don't know if you can wrap your head around how cool this is to me. I made the discovery about 34 seconds into the video below, lol enjoy! 

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