Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 4th Idol Judge: ME!

I am not going stress over this but this I am watching Idol without my Idol watching companion and I need SOME outlet for my thoughts! First of all, the judges are not really giving helpful critiques at all except Randy, they just go oh good job, blah blah blah.

Clint: Boring! He is a karaoke hosts and it showed in his performance.

Giovanni: Also super boring! What the heck guys? Do you not realize how big a deal this performance is?

Jordan: The judges ripped him apart for straying away from who he is as an artist but I have seen Usher perform that song twice and Jordan sang it better (because he actually SANG whereas Usher just sings key words and dances around). So if the guy can sing it better than Usher does live, then he has to get some credit. And most Idol hopefuls stay away from that style of music, so props for Jordon for taking that risk.

Tim: Mic check 1-2 1-2. Did they forget that step before he sang or is he just not that loud of a singer or am I just imagining things? I am admittedly biased here because Tim is a total babe, I liked it but I did not LOVE it. So yay for me being objective! I just find it funny that the judges are not loving this when it sounded on par with the first 2 (which they loved!).

Brett: I can't figure out if I don't like Brett because I'm jealous of his perfect bouncy curls or his seductive (if he were a girl) dance moves. And what the HECK!? The judges LOVED it!? Oh, J.Lo and Steven, we are on such different pages. I love him as a person, but would I buy his album? Sure, if you paid me.

James: The first of the night, in my opinion, to really shake things up and do something fun and interesting. Not my cup of tea in terms of song choice, but I can appreciate it none the less.

Robbie: He remixed the sad-homeless-puppy commercial song....he must have done a pretty good job because I didn't think of it as the sad-homeless-puppy song until the latter half of the song. Props to that! (For those of you lucky enough not to know what song I'm talking about, it's Angel by Sarah McLachlan.)

Scotty: He sings out of the side of his mouth but that point aside, he does sound like a fantastic country music singer. My only fear is that he's not quite the pop star American Idol tends to produce.

Stefano: I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. I had higher hopes for him.

PAUL: Where to begin? He's unique, charasmatic, original, fun to watch.....and I could go on... He actually made me stop typing and turn up the volume which is a feat all the contestants before him didn't accomplish.

Jacob: Belongs on broadway or singing gospel. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Well that's open to interpretation.

Casey: He sang "I Put a Spell on You" and I think it's true! I am spellbound. He is delightful.

Final Verdict: Casey, Paul and Tim are the main 3 on my radar. 

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  1. I love Brett. Didnt love him tonight though. Sadface. Haaaaaate James. Adam lambert wannabe and I hated Adam too. I just don't think screeching and screaming = talent. Casey!! Love him!!!! Paul is beautiful! Bradley Cooper twin with an electrifying smile! So cute! The rest I cant comment on because I was pretty much bored to tears. I was disappointed with tonight, so much excitement and it didn't live up to it.
    Love this blog idea btw!